These are some of our kids that are no longer
with us here, but always with us in our hearts.  
All were great dogs and missed by us everyday.
AM CH Arfryn Mountain Bred
1994 - 2008
Sire: Ulara Lignite Luke,UD
Dam: Aust.CH Arfryn Brigadoon Belle

"Jessie" was imported from Australia at the age of 8 weeks
old. Thank you to Cathy Amos of ARFRYN kennels in NSW
for sending us this lovely and wonderful  girl.  She is the dam
of many wonderful dogs who have shown in all venues of
V-CH Terbo Color Me Badd, CD, HT, CGC "PJ"
1994 - 2009
Sire: OTCH Dreamalot Last Chance, HIC,TT,CGC
Dam: Aust Imp Brushbox Majestic Honey Gem,CD

"PJ" was from the first solely bred TERBO litter. She was the first
chocolate and white border collie AKC champion of record. She was
a joy to live with and we were so very lucky to have had her in our
lives for over 17 years. She lives on in our hearts and through her
kids.  She has many offspring with multiple champion and
performance titles. She was our first Bred By Exhibitor Champion.
CH Terbo Play To Win
1998 - 2007
Sire: V-CH Majestic Hot Tip For Terbo, CD,HT,NA,CGC
Dam: V-CH Terbo Color Me Badd,CD,HT,CGC

"Windy" was a wild and crazy girl! She was a lovely mover with
a wonderful outgoing temperament. She will live on in our
hearts forever. She was finished earning all her CH points from
the Bred By Exhibitor classes.
AM CH Gotrah Celtic Maid
1996 - 2007
Sire: Aust CH Arfryn Celtic Lad
Dam: Gotrah Legend Lass
"Celtie" was imported in whelp in 2001. She was the last breeding of
Peidje Vidler "GOTRAH KENNEL" in NSW and arthor of the book
"Border Collies in Australia". Many thanks to Cathy Amos "Arfryn" for
working everything out so that she could come to America.
OTCH Dreamalot Last Chance, HIC,TT,CGC
1981 - 1997
Sire: OTCH Dreamalot Ben
Dam: Dreamalot Red Robin,CD
"Chance" was a multiple HIT winner. He was always
willing to please and ready to go! He was my ONCE in a
lifetime dog. A big THANK  YOU to Karl and Sheryle
Nussbaum "Dreamalot" for allowing us to have Chance.  I
miss him terribly, but he lives on in his offspring. Gone but
never forgotten.......
AM CH Gotrah Kaspers Kid, CDX, HIC
1989 - 1998
Sire:  AUST/CH/AOC Dakiem Vicki's Lad
Dam: Aust/CH/AOC Gotrah Bonnie Mae

"Kasper"  was our first Australian import. He was a
beautiful boy with beautiful flowing sidegait. He finished his
Championship in two weekends, five shows, all major wins
and all Best Of Breed wins as well.  He was a joy to live with
and is sadly missed. Thank you to Peidje Vidler of NSW for
allowing us to have Kasper.
Terry Wise Hammond
Taylorsville, Kentucky
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Terbo Hi Rydin Chance, CDX   "Ryder" 1988 - 2002

OTCH Dreamalot Last Chance, HIC,TT,CGC
Dreamalot Wendy, CD "Wendy"  1975 - 1985
Dreamalot Piped Piper,UD "Piper"   1977 - 1991
1998  -  2002
"Ryder" (pictured on the left)  was from Chance's very first
litter that he sired at age 8 1/2 years old. Ryder's dam was
from all herding lines "Childress Sugar". He was a wonderful
dog who loved sleeping on the couch and riding
around with me. He was a wonderful boy and we miss him
                  Wendy   1975 - 1985

                    Piper      1977 - 1991

I got Piper at age 12 weeks from the Dreamalot Kennel.
He was my first border collie, and my first UD dog. Piper
earned his UD before the age of 2 years old. He was one
of the smartest dogs I've ever owned, and words can't
express how much we loved him. He is sadly missed.
When Wendy was not able to conceive again, she was
given to me. She was a sweet loving girl and we miss her
deeply. Thanks to her we were able to have our Piper.